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Weather in the Languedoc


Spring is spectacular in the Languedoc. Long, sunny, mild days, fields of wildflowers, the air sweet with the scent of Spanish broom splashing the hills, brilliant yellow, bunches of purple wisteria draped over walls and fences covered in roses. Vineyards grow thicker and greener as you watch. Daytime temperatures are usually in the mid-to-high teens (C) in early spring, rising to around 25-30C (75-85F), but there's always the possibility of a few cool and/or wet days.

Summers are hot and dry, with daytime temperatures frequently soaring above 30C/85F. However, it's almost always comfortable in the shade. While summer nights are usually warm and comfortable for sitting out, it can be cool enough to require long sleeves. Humid days are relatively rare, but do occur when a southeast wind brings moist air and, sometimes, rain.

Weather in Languedoc, nr Canal du Midi, Aude area

Autumn, the favourite season of many people who live here. The vendange (grape harvest) is in full swing from early September till almost mid-October. Autumn weather is highly variable and can change not only by the day, but by the hour. September is usually sunny and warm - even hot.  Temperatures can fluctuate wildly, from mid-summer heat wave to grey chill, and just as quickly, back again. The country side is magnificent with its changing colours, that glow in the sunshine.

Winters are generally mild, with occasional cold periods, when night-time lows can drop to -2C (0C = 32F) or -3C, or, very rarely, even -5C or -6C.
Pansies and Primroses thrive in the winter garden. The wind can blow hard and temperatures may drop but, in a sunny, sheltered spot, you may still need that T-shirt; even in winter, the sun can be very strong here.

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